7 Tips for Choosing an Excellent Memory Care Center

7 Tips for Choosing an Excellent Memory Care Center

Experiencing memory loss can be a heart-wrenching journey for any family. When it's time to look for a memory care facility it's imperative to find a center that provides excellent care on a variety of levels.

The following information will help guide you through the process of finding the best memory care center.

1. Expertly Trained Staff

Doctors, nurses and other professionals such as activity directors and social workers play a pivotal role in the care of residents.

A memory care center should provide around-the-clock assistance. You'll also need to ask several of the following questions:

  • Are doctors and nurses on call 24/7?
  • Are staff members properly trained and licensed in their particular fields?
  • Are staff members trained specifically in dementia and memory care?
  • What is the ratio of staff to residents?

2. Specialized Activities

Meaningful activities are a crucial aspect of quality care in a facility. Residents should stay active both physically and mentally to maintain a high quality of life. It's important that the activities be structured and well supervised.

There are several specific types of activities that can stimulate brain activity and help the resident maintain a high quality of life. Activities to look for in a quality memory center could include the following:

  • Musical and singing activities
  • Making simple recipes with supervision
  • Reading to or with other individuals
  • Working on different types of puzzles

3. Good Security

Unfortunately, there is the potential for disaster if the security of those who are suffering from memory conditions are not properly monitored in a secure location. This includes both internal and external security.

While inside the center an individual should be monitored and assisted if needed with daily activities such as bathing and food preparation. There also should be adequate security measures in place to keep an individual from wandering away from the facility. If a resident were to leave the center unaccompanied, does the center have a detailed plan in place?

4. Access to Outside Areas

Those suffering from memory disorders need to spend an adequate amount of time outdoors. A memory center should have access to beautiful courtyards and serene gardens in a secure environment.

It's important to tour the outside areas of a center when you visit. The following are several things you'll want to look for and ask about.

  • Are the grounds not only attractive but well kept?
  • Are there safe walking paths available that are easily accessible?
  • Are the outside areas secured so residents can't easily leave?

5. Detailed Routines

Frequent changes in daily routines can confuse an individual with memory disorders. A good memory facility will adhere to regular routines as much as possible.

It's important to find out if meals are served at the same times each day. Are activities scheduled on the same days and times?

6. Individualized Attention

Each person's condition will be unique and require individualized attention to achieve the best results. An excellent memory care center will adequately attend to a variety of individualized needs. You'll want to ask about the following services.

  • Is there a barber or beauty shop available for residents?
  • Are there transportation services for appointments outside the center?
  • What type of laundry or housekeeping services are provided?
  • How are special dietary needs met?

7. Adequate References

It's crucial to check a variety of references when looking for quality memory care. Checking online reviews is an easy way to review a facility. Word of mouth is still an excellent way to find information about a center. Talk with families who already have loved ones at the center.

When it's time to look for a memory center, Heritage Villas offers a beautiful and safe living environment for those needing memory care. They provide residents with a compassionate, qualified staff and specialized activities in a gorgeous facility. Contact Heritage Villas today for more information.

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