5 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Independent Living

5 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Independent Living

Independent living is an increasingly popular choice for seniors who want to retain their autonomy but add an extra level of support to their lives.

Often, when seniors hear "independent living," they picture a glorified nursing home arrangement, but that couldn't be further from the truth. If you are a senior who is considering changing your living arrangement, you need to know the truth about independent living. Following are some popular misconceptions about this type of accommodation.

Loss of Autonomy

You may think an independent living situation means you lose some control of your life. You can't eat when you want, your activities are limited, and you need permission to leave the premises. None of those fears are true.

Independent living simply gives you options. You can eat onsite and participate in group activities. Or, you can continue with your pre-move schedule. While independent living offers you life enhancements, you are in no way limited by what the facility has to offer. It's your life, and you can continue to live it as you would.

Loss of Friendships

Moving to an independent living facility does not mean you will lose your current friendships. 

Typically, you'll discover that you will find yourself with new friends and perhaps a more active social life than before. If you need a partner for golf or enough people to play bridge, you'll find them at your new home.

Missing Home

Every change takes adjustment, but you may find that you don't miss your old home much at all. Many seniors choose independent living because it frees them from the burden and expense of home maintenance.

Imagine never worrying about lawn care or missing shingles ever again. If a storm strikes, any fallen trees are not your problem.

Health Issues

You don't have to be unhealthy to consider independent living. In fact, many who choose this option have few physical ailments. Still, as you age, you may have to cope with arthritis or other conditions that make daily life a little more difficult. With independent living, you can get that little extra care that allows you to enjoy life without worry.

Many seniors choose facilities that offer various levels of care, so if they need more help later on, they can simply move next door to get it. Having continuous care right at your doorstep can give you added peace of mind.


Independent living may sound good to you but you worry that it's too expensive for your budget. You will be pleasantly surprised by the actual cost. Remember, you will be giving up many other expenses such as home maintenance, large utility bills, etc., so your monthly expenses may remain the same or even be less.

If you are interested in independent living, you should consult a representative who can help you figure out a plan to manage your expenses and make your independent living dream come true. You may also find that some financial assistance is available.

Heritage Villas offers the type of independent living that retirees love. The expert staff can explain all of your options and give you an extensive tour of a local facility. You'll learn that the negative myths of independent living simply don't apply. For more information on the Heritage Villas living experience, contact us today.

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