7 Best Apps to Help Seniors Live a Full Life

7 Best Apps to Help Seniors Live a Full Life

Seniors today are nothing like the seniors in days of old. They lead a more active and independent lifestyle. And technology is keeping pace to provide the tools necessary for them to live the quality of life they deserve. Here are the best apps that help seniors live a full life.

Health Apps

Technology these days play a key role in helping seniors live healthily and get them up to speed to all health information they might need. Here are apps that can do just that.

WebMD (Free for iOS and Android)

No app can ever replace the service of an excellent physician. But if you like quick info regarding a medical condition, WebMD could be your go-to app. This nifty application allows you to ask questions and it will scan relevant articles written by specialists to answer your question. In addition, this app also comes with several features like First Aid Essentials, Pill Identification Tool, WebMD Symptom Checker and Local Health Listing.

Apple Health/Google Fit (Free)

Most smartphones today have built-in fitness app like Apple Health for iPhone users and Google Fit or Samsung Health for Android users. Seniors can largely benefit from these apps, as they incorporate fitness activities in their daily routine. These apps can track your daily activity as you walk, cycle, climb stairs or run during the day. It allows you to set a personal fitness goal and helps you stay motivated and on track to meet those daily goals.

Lifestyle Apps

Quality of life is one of the topmost concerns here at Heritage Villas. Fortunately, many app developers create technology to serve this purpose as well. Here are apps to help seniors seamlessly take care of their finances and get in touch with family and friends -- two important aspects to help seniors cultivate an excellent lifestyle.

Mint (Free on iOS and Android)

This particularly intuitive app makes finance management a cinch. You can easily stay on top of your finances as this app allows you to link bills, bank accounts and credit cards, making it easier for you to set up a budget, track how you're spending your money, check out your investments, know your credit score and pay your bills. Furthermore, the app also helps you stretch your money, as it analyzes thousands of offers and suggests ways to help you save more considering your goals and lifestyle.

Senior Savings ($0.99 on iOS)

One of the perks of old age is being eligible for more discounts. This app gives you more bang for your buck, since it serves as your one-stop reference to all establishments that offer coupons and discounts, organized into different categories such as entertainment, dining, groceries and services, to name a few. In addition, you also get to check out the details and restrictions of each coupon or discount.

Messenger (Free on iOS and Android)

Most people who own a smartphone today are on Facebook. The upside to this is that you can easily keep in touch with friends and family members at the click of a button. The best thing is, with a simple search feature, you can even reconnect with peers whom you lost contact with. And with Facebook's Messenger app, you can chat and call your contacts, stay up to date with their important events and milestones, and maintain meaningful relationships.

Entertainment Apps

Studies show that people who keep their brain active will have lesser risk for dementia and Alzheimer's. Fortunately, there are entertaining apps that can help seniors on this end. These apps will not just provide delightful recreation during their free time, these can also help seniors stay mentally active and engaged.

Lumosity (Free on iOS and Android)

A collaboration of game developers and scientists, this app is a repository of cognitive games that could enhance memory, speed of processing, attention and problem solving. The app will have you take an initial Fit Test to check your baseline performance and see how you stack against others your age, then get you started with your daily challenges. As you complete your daily brain workouts by solving different puzzles, the app will give you insights on how you're doing.

Kindle (Free on iOS and Android)

This app helps you stay well-read and keeps you abreast of current events, as it puts millions of books and periodicals at your fingertips. Whether you prefer reading books, magazines or newspapers, Kindle has all that and more. You can borrow e-books from your local library, shop for the next book to put on your virtual library, sample a chapter of a book before you decide to buy, and sync bookmarks, highlights and notes across different devices. Moreover, you can customize your reading experience by modifying font size, background, color and brightness to your preference.

Most importantly, seniors need a place where they can live a rich and full life. By allowing them the independence they need without you having to worry about their safety, assisted living facilities provide the best option. Such communities will give your loved one the best place to interact with other people who may have the same interest as them and engage in activities specifically designed for them. To make sure you're giving the best-quality life for your loved one, go on a personalized tour with them to Heritage Villas so that you can see the facility for yourself and have all your concerns and questions answered.

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