Senior Care Benefits: Independence, Social Activities and Medical Help

Senior Care Benefits: Independence, Social Activities and Medical Help

Does your senior community offer three meals per day, an attentive and friendly staff, weekly Bible classes, a fun and engaging social calendar, and $500 off your monthly rent for the first three months?

If it doesn't, you might want to check out Heritage Villas. Whether you're looking for assisted living arrangements for yourself or a relative, a supported living community is important. They should value your independence, help you engage in fun social events, treat you with dignity, and offer assistance if you require medical attention.

You should feel like a family member, and every day should be filled with new and fun activities you want to enjoy.

Let's explore how senior care benefits are important to your quality of life, health, and well-being. Whether you are independent and active, semi-independent, or you're looking for memory care services for a senior with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, a community living environment like Heritage Villas has so much to offer.

Improving Your Quality of Life

Moving into a senior living community is a big step. It can be scary to leave everything you are familiar with and face senior loneliness, but a caring community and supportive staff will help you get acclimated in your new surroundings and ensure you have a better quality of life.

Often, you see news stories about seniors that have been neglected and abused, but in loving senior communities, you're treated like a priority and one of the family. Your community and staff can increase your dialog and social skills and improve memory retention as you look forward to each day:

  • You might have card games planned with friends.
  • Working on memory care helps you maintain an active mind.
  • The calendar might have yoga, bingo, manicures, or church service scheduled.
  • A movie or outdoor event might be planned and you can bring a friend or invite a relative.
  • Attentive staff can help with medications and appointments.

These are all ways that senior care can help you stay active and independent in a safe environment that caters to your needs.

Helping You Stay Independent

Do you like to shop, run errands, or go out to movies and events? What about cooking? Are you a great cook who loves to entertain? Maybe you're quiet and stay to yourself, but you still like to engage with others. Being independent is a vital aspect of life because it helps you feel fulfilled.

For people who aren't independent, they can feel defeated and start to deteriorate. That's why being active and engaged in your community can help you enjoy every aspect of your life.

When seeking out a community for yourself or a relative, look for:

  • A community that has Bible studies and social activities throughout the week (click the link for a sample activities calendar).
  • A community that offers made-to-order meals, provides housekeeping and laundry services, and personal staff - even during Sunday church services.
  • A community that encourages family visits and visits with friends.
  • A community that offers ride-shares to doctor's appointments, has lectures, classes, and other optional activities for its residents.

Maintaining an Active Mind and Body

In a senior care facility, maintaining your daily habits is an important aspect of life. There may be classes to help with your diet and exercise; you might be encouraged to go for nature walks or to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air; or you will be invited to social activities that can help you make friends and work on maintaining a dialog with others.

For seniors that have physical limitations, there may be physical therapy that can help with range of motion; doctors and nurses that come on-site for medical visits; and other ways to help with managing your health, personal hygiene, and care.

At times, increasing independence can be met with reluctance, but with consistent support and patient encouragement, it can help improve quality of life:

  • Activities like walking, gentle exercise, or visits with friends can help a person feel accomplished and create a sense of personal achievement.
  • Attending social activities can give you a sense of purpose and improve mental well-being and alertness.
  • Feeling in control of day-to-day tasks can uplift your mood and improve your health and well-being.
  • Using the phone, sending emails, volunteering, or playing games help you stay connected and improve social skills.

Ensuring Safety and Care

Promoting independence can strengthen your livelihood and help you embrace each day as you are able to enjoy your time in a community that loves and supports you. While you are encouraged with independent activities, ensuring your safety and minimizing hazards is of the utmost importance. Heritage Villas offers a safe environment and protective community to minimize accidents and injuries.

Before establishing independence, it's best to speak with a professional healthcare provider to discuss tasks and activities that are suitable and to ensure your safety. Within your community, there are special precautions:

  • Wheelchair ramp access, wider walkways, and elevators are provided.
  • Anti-slip mats and low-pile carpeting minimizes incidents of slips and falls.
  • Banisters in the bathroom and wheelchair access tubs or showers can help offer support.
  • An emergency resident call system and attentive staff that give you fast access to immediate assistance if needed.

Because you can pick a caring independent living community that will offer the best care, choose a loving community like Heritage Villas. Dedicated to providing support, care, and compassion to all its residents, they provide a supportive environment in a private neighborhood of villas.

Want to take a tour? Contact Heritage Villas today!

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