Signs that Dementia is Making Life Dangerous for Someone You Love

Signs that Dementia is Making Life Dangerous for Someone You Love

Dementia is a disease that can quickly take over a person's life and make it unsafe for them to live on their own. There are many adult children who face the hard decision of choosing whether their elderly parent can continue to live on their own, or if it may be time to move them to an assisted living facility where they can get the care that they need. The following guide walks you through a few signs that your elderly parent may not be safe living alone anymore.

Frequent Accidents

As people get older, it can become increasingly difficult to get around on their own. If you notice that your parent starts to have more and more bruises on their body, or has even fallen and badly injured themselves, it may be a sign that it isn't safe for them to live alone.

In an assisted living facility there will always be someone nearby who can help your parent get where they need to go safely. If something does happen, they will be able to get the care they need immediately.

Improper Hygiene

Dementia can cause elderly people to forget how to take proper care of themselves. They assume that they have showered, brushed their hair, or their teeth, when really they have not. Improper hygiene can lead to illness.

At the assisted living facility, the staff can monitor your loved one and make sure that they are being as hygienic as possible. If they are not able to bathe themselves, an aid can give them the assistance that they need.

Improper Diet

Someone living alone with dementia will more than likely eat a very unhealthy diet because they cannot cook for themselves. It's not safe to allow someone with dementia to cook because they could forget that something is on the stove and catch their house on fire.

Food is prepared for the residents of an assisted living facility so that all they have to do is eat when they are there. There is no food prep or clean up required so that your parent can truly relax and eat well.

Filthy Living Conditions

Dementia can often cause people to become complacent when it comes to cleaning their home. Living in filth can lead to pests taking over your parents' home, which could create a whole new set of issues for them.

The assisted living facility will be kept clean by a cleaning crew and you will be able to rest assured that your parent is in a safe, clean environment at all times. You can come and visit the facility at any time to make sure that the conditions are as great as you want them to be.

Specific Medical Care Needed

If your parent who has dementia has any major health issues that requires them to take medication at specific times throughout the day, it may be dangerous for them to live on their own. They may forget to take their medicine or take too much of it because they cannot remember if they took it earlier.

At the facility, the staff regulates when the medication is given. They will track when and how much each resident takes to ensure that no one is given too much or too little of what they need.

If you feel that an assisted living facility may be a good option for your parent, contact Heritage Villas to take a tour and determine if it's right for your parent. Your parent will be able to be mentally challenged when they are in the facility to keep the dementia from worsening for as long as possible. The memory care center on site ensures your parent gets the care that they need each and every day.

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