Advice for Transitioning a Loved One into Senior Care

Advice for Transitioning a Loved One into Senior Care

Transitioning into senior care is a big life change. Many seniors are excited to gain a new sense of independence and embark on a new adventure in life. Yet many seniors don't find this type of change good at all. There are plenty of seniors who feel this type of change will force them to give up their independence.

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help make the process a little more comfortable.

Ask Them What They Want

Transitioning a family member into senior care isn't just all about what you want. This decision needs to be what's best for both you and your family.

Ask your loved one what he or she wants. Explain the reasons why you think senior care is a good option. Lay out the alternatives to senior care (in-home care, moving in with a relative, etc.), and ask if any of those would be better. Talk about the pros and cons of all the options.

Most seniors will agree that senior care is the best option when they feel that they are the ones making the decision.

Determine Any Sources of Hesitation

It's likely that your loved one won't necessarily jump into the decision to go into senior care without any hesitation. This type of move is a huge change. If you feel any pushback or hesitation, ask your loved one about it. Talk about his or her fears regarding this type of care.

For many seniors, entering senior care might feel like the "beginning of the end" or a loss of independence. Yet, senior care can actually help your loved ones gain a new kind of independence and a fresh start in a new chapter in life.

Talk About the Move

You'll want to talk about the move beforehand to manage expectations. Your loved one might want to bring every possession and knick-knacks to the senior community.

Yet the move is a great opportunity to relieve your loved one of some of his or her clutter. You may want to go as far as labeling items "keep," "donate" or "sell" weeks or months before the move. Or more importantly, you may want to ask your loved one to complete this process.

Make the New Space Look Like Home

Try to bring as many special items as possible from the old home to the senior community. This can help to curb depression over the loss of his or her old life. Help your loved one decorate; yet, allow your loved one to make the big decorating decisions.

Take a shopping trip to find some new and exciting items to help spruce up the area and add a little novelty to the idea of moving.

Make the Move a Celebration

Some seniors don't consider the idea of moving into a senior community a reason to celebrate. This is why you need to insert a little excitement into the process.

Throw your loved one a party to help celebrate this new chapter. Try to make every part of this process feel more like a celebration than a moment of great change. The more positive you can be, the more support you can offer your loved one.

Your work isn't finished once you've transitioned your loved one to the senior care community! Most seniors are afraid their friends and family will forget about them once they're settled. Make sure to set up routine visits to ensure your loved one is satisfied with the adjustment.

If you're ready to transition into senior care, or still have questions, contact Heritage Villas today!

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