What Is a Senior Living Community?

What Is a Senior Living Community?

There's a myth that senior living communities are places where you might lose your independence. Yet sometimes you need to create an environment that fosters a sense of care and community to gain true autonomy.

Senior living communities are places where you and your loved ones can regain a sense of independence through individualized care and community support.


First and foremost, senior living communities are places to call home. It's important that residents feel at home in these communities. Many communities allow residents to decorate their units any way they desire to make the community feel even more like home.

These places usually provide three meals a day, community activities and plenty of private time. Many seniors can still cook on their own in their own kitchens or choose to head to the community dining area for meals.

These communities also encourage friends and family to visit as often as they'd like.

Places of Support

One of the reasons many people decide to enter senior living is because they want a sense of community and a place of support. They want some autonomy, but they also want a built-in support system.

Senior living communities allow their residents to choose their level of involvement when it comes to social activities. Many seniors simply want to live in the community for the medical benefits. Yet some people choose to live in a community for the social activities. Some activities could include outings, movie nights, special dinners and creative activities.

Medical Services

Medical services are important in a senior community. It isn't always easy to run out to the doctor for several appointments each week. It's also important to have a trained medical staff nearby in case of emergencies.

Support and medical services are probably the two biggest benefits of a senior living community.

You never need to worry about being alone during an accident. Someone can check on your or your loved one at various times throughout the day and even be called in case of an emergency.

Community Amenities

There are so many senior living communities that the difficult decision is simply choosing just one. You could find just about any community that specializes in the types of activities and support that interests you.

Some communities allow you to live by yourself or with roommates. Some offer houses, some offer apartments and some even allow you to bring your mobile or tiny home. There are communities for artists, golfers and musicians.

Depending on the level of care you need, you can choose a facility with amenities that fit your needs.

Senior Living Community Choices

You can customize your senior living experience right down to the most minute details. There are communities that cater to certain age groups.

If you're just about to reach the age of retirement, you could choose a community that caters to younger seniors so you can find others with similar interests.

One of the greatest misconceptions regarding these communities is that they are simply nursing homes. Yet, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Nursing homes don't offer the level of services, independence and sense of community that you'd find in one of these spaces. Many nursing homes are designed to give seniors round-the-clock care, but they often lack when it comes to the myriad of services offered by senior communities.

If a senior living community sounds like a better fit for you, contact Heritage Villas today!

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