We are simplifying adult care and assisted living. You'll get the support options and the level of care that suits your loved one. We'll take care of the rest.


What's right for your loved ones?

What's right for your loved ones?

Does someone you care about need an extra hand throughout the day? Might he or she benefit from living in a community that provides things like meals, social activities and supervision? Our adult care program is customized to the individual, but all of our plans offer comfortable living arrangements and activities that don't fall flat. 

Independent Living

We are sensitive to the idea that Independent Living should be balance of freedom, friendly support and the feeling of community. We can provide as much support as you or loved ones needs. Whether it's just matter of belonging to an active community or needing minor assistance with mobility issues, we'll structure a care program to suit every individual.


Supported Independent and Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living program shares the same philosophy as that of our Independent Living – the idea that freedom and a "normal" lifestyle are highly valued – but the program comes with a more comprehensive level of care and support. We create personalized plans for each individual based on his or her's needs; which could include things like: cooking meals, getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, keeping house, and traveling to appointments.

We encourage you to call and meet with us to discuss how Heritage Villas ensures our community members achieve the optimal balance of lifestyle and care. 


Adult Day Care

Our Adult Day Care program is built on the idea that your elderly loved ones will live a more fulling, healthier (mentally and physically) lifestyle through daily interactions and activities in a secure, supervised environment. We find that families, elderly loved ones included, reach a point where having outside help and daily care available is mutually beneficial. We know this can be a sensitive topic and a tough conversation to get started. Sometimes identifying whether there's a need for more comprehensive care is the most touchy point of discussion.

Many families struggle with having a senior loved one at home alone while they work or tend to other responsibilities. Research has shown that the link between socialization and a senior's mental and physical well-being is becoming stronger. Socializing may be just as important as physical activity. Consider the thoughts below.

Adult Day Care provides many benefits, including:

  • Improved Mental Health & Psychological well-being
  • Maintain the mind
  • Slow memory loss through socialization
  • Create a sense of belonging and ultimate connection with others


Alzheimer’s/Dementia (Memory Care)

At Heritage Villas we recognize that individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease require special care and services. We are passionate about helping our residents live their lives to the fullest by engaging them in activities and programs, designed to enhance their independence and quality of life. Our staff is trained to meet those unique needs.
Each Special Care Villa has been designed with the safety and comfort of our residents in mind. We have two beautiful villas connected by a secure breezeway. That breezeway not only connects the villas, but it opens into a lovely courtyard with a picnic area and resident gardens. This concept allows your loved one the freedom to walk across the breezeway or sit in the secured garden area.
Our suites likewise, are designed to provide a secure, home-like environment in which each resident can live to their utmost potential. The design of the villa also provides what we call an indoor walking path. The resident has the freedom to walk safely and securely.
The activity program for the Special Care Villas are designed specifically for residents with memory loss. Activities are planned that help the resident retain their memory and yet are fun and entertaining. Our residents go to activities off campus frequently to attend local plays, community events and picnics in the park.
Please contact us today so that we may share additional information about our Alzheimer’s/Dementia Villas.


Respite Care

Our Respite Care Program may just provide you and your family with what you need – time to relax, recuperate, and rejuvenate. Our range of services and amenities allow families and caregivers to enjoy their own time, with the comfort of knowing that their loved one is in a comfortable, caring setting. The respite care program is specifically designed to provide temporary, short term relief to caregivers. Across the United States, more than 50 million individuals currently employ the services of respite care programs.


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