assisted living facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

Heritage Villas assisted living facilities are ideal for seniors of all abilities.

Finding the right facility – whether you need round-the-clock care or just an occasional helping hand – can be a real challenge for Canton families. Heritage Villas provides comfortable living arrangements for seniors that need extra supervision and want to make the most of their golden years.

Other Assisted Living Facilities Fall Short

We know you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing from among the many assisted living facilities in Canton, Ohio. We also know many of these communities lack the basic necessities and added extras we provide.

Our goal is to create a customized experience for your senior loved one. Whether they need ongoing care or just a helping hand once in a while, our programs are based on the individual. We provide a comfortable, safe community that is easy to commit to long-term. As your loved one’s needs change, so can their living situation – all without having to transition to a new home!

And for those who need a bit of extra help, Our Special Care Villas have been designed with safety and comfort in mind. It includes two beautiful villas connected by a secure breezeway that opens into a lovely courtyard with a picnic area and resident gardens. Your loves one is free to walk across the breezeway or sit in the secured garden area, enjoying the outdoor environment free of concerns about security or safety.

Assisted Living with Benefits

At Heritage Villas, we want to help your loved one live a fulfilling life. We offer the attention and supervision necessary to keep him or her safe, but we also make sure their social and psychological needs are met, too. We offer a variety of social activities that help your loved one stay young at heart.

To learn more about any of our assisted living facilities or to speak with someone about you or a loved one’s needs, contact us at 234.401.9333